Evaluation tools

Evaluation tools

Use the tools below to design an evaluation plan for your agency and its programs. The tools can be used individually or to develop and execute a full evaluation(s).

The tools are free to use or you can sign up for SIS to gain access to our full range of services, including the SIS data warehouse and assistance through the evaluation process . The SIS data warehouse allows you to store your data collection tools, securely store aggregated results and create reports to visualize your data.

This page is continually under development, check back often to explore new tools and features.

What do you want to do?

Logic Model

Create a logic model or theory of change

This is the first step in creating an evaluation plan. We have created a generic model for services to immigrants and refugees so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Plan an evaluation

Plan an evaluation

Decide on your priorities for evaluation. What information will lead to improved services or additional resources at your agency?

Review your data collection tools

Review data collection tools

Go to a list of demo data collection forms. These are demos – to see your own data collection tools, go to My Workspace.

Data collection

See the demo for reports and dashboards

This link will take you to the SIS data warehouse, which is built on another software platform. This link is a demo – to see your own reports, go to your My Workspace.